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Jul 29, 2021 路 FRANCESCA Farago rose to prominence on the Netflix reality show Too Hot to Handle, so why are Love is Blind fans so interested in her? The reality star has expanded into other parts of the Netflix reality show world with her appearance on Love is Blind: After the Altar. Jul 29, 2021 路 Francesca Farago, who appeared on Too Hot To Handle, was a part of the Love Is Blind: After The Altar reunion show. The reality star made her television debut when the first season of THTH began streaming on Netflix in April 2020. While filming the show, she developed a relationship with her costar Harry Jowsey. Jul 28, 2021 路 If you're shooting your shot to be cast in Love is Blind season two, the success stories of Lauren and Cameron, and Barnett and Jessica are proof that the process can actually work. But be. Dec 16, 2022 路 After a tumultuous few years, Francesca is now in a hard-won relationship that feels like a family: She鈥檚 helping raise her partner鈥檚 child, she bought a house in the summer that they鈥檙e renovating to move into together, along with their cat, named after a character in Adventure Time. Francesca Farago came to the "Love Is Blind" anniversary party with Damian Powers, who was previously engaged to Giannina Gibelli. Netflix Pike described Farago's arrival at the event as a "confused" moment and said none of the "Love Is Blind" cast members knew she was coming ahead of time. Aug 5, 2021 路 Francesca Farago's surprise appearance on Love Is Blind: After The Altar shocked many fans of the Netflix reality show. Three reunion episodes followed the cast of the popular dating series. Aug 2, 2021 路 Giannina Gibelli said she reached out to Francesca Farago months after confronting the "Too Hot to Handle" contestant about her friendship with Damian Powers on "Love Is Blind: After the Altar." "I did DM her and say like, 'Hey, hope all is well.'. Like, 'Hope all is well and good luck,'" Gibelli told Insider. Feb 28, 2023 路 Francesca currently appears to be in a relationship with TikTok star Jesse Sullivan, so it鈥檚 fair to say the relationship timeline between Francesca and Damian from Love Is Blind has ended. However, relationship drama occurs quickly in the reality TV sphere, and it will be interesting to watch Damian and Francesca鈥檚 relationship moving forward. Jul 26, 2021 路 Netflix's three-part Love Is Blind reunion series, After the Altar, forces Giannina Gibelli to confront Damian Powers' supposed ex Francesca Farago in a shocking new trailer.