Aug 23, 2021 · Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak's on-and-off relationship officially came to an end in February 2021. With the two having an ongoing spat over Mike's infamous "pros and cons" list, fans of. Mike Majlak Explains Why He Broke Up with Lana Rhoades No Jumper 4.6M subscribers Subscribe Share 1.8M views 1 year ago Mike gets candid, raw and honest when it comes to his break up with. Oct 26, 2022 · Back in August, podcaster Mike Majlak stirred rumors about the identity of Lana Rhoades' son's father while co-hosting Logan Paul's podcast Impaulsive. Majlak, 37, said Rhoades was "doing well" and revealed, she had a baby "with a big-time NBA player." Although the name of the "big-time NBA player" was never revealed, Majlak's insight into. Apr 20, 2021 · Majlak and Lana have been split for just over two months. “He told me he was going to move in with me,” Lana shared on an April 20 episode of the BFF podcast with Dave Portnoy and Josh. Nov 2, 2020 · Majlak and Rhoades dated for 10 months before announcing their split last week Ex-porn star Lana Rhoades regrets joining the adult film industry, according to former boyfriend Mike. Jun 2, 2021 · Did Mike Majlak and Lana Rhoades break up? Yes. Lana Rhoades has revealed that she is single now because she and Mike have called it quits. Taking to her Instagram Stories on Thursday. Nov 16, 2020 · Mike Majlak spoke about his decision to break up with his girlfriend Lana Rhoades, apologizing to her and their fans. Earlier this month, Majlak and the former porn star got back. Jun 2, 2021 · Mike Majlak and Lana have had quite the tumultuous relationship. — Lana Rhoades (@LanaRhoades) May 29, 2021. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on Esports, Gaming and more. Oct 26, 2022 · Majlak is a social media personality who co-hosts Impaulsive alongside Paul and vlogs his life on his YouTube channel. Although it is unclear when Majlak and Rhoades first met, the two became a couple in 2019, after Rhoades retired from her adult film career. For several years, Rhoades, 26, and Majlak had an on-again-off-again relationship. Dec 6, 2020 · Lana Rhoades revisited one of her previous relationships before meeting her current boyfriend Mike Majlak in the first episode of her cooking show, "3 Girls 1 Kitchen.". May 10, 2021 · EXPOSED: Lana Rhoades exposes her ex Mike Majlak by sharing a list of pros and cons Mike allegedly made for their relationship. In one point, Mike said Lana was “good for business/networking.” Mike also allegedly upset Lana didn’t want to have 3-way with him—screenshots in thread 0:12 80.3K views 1:35 AM · May 11, 2021 Retweets Quotes Likes 70.